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Established in 1995

MCM Frame & Truss are a family business with a building background and therefore have a great knowledge of what a builder’s needs and wants are. From owner builders, up market builders to project builders and developers we look after a broad range of customers.

Because of our diversity we are able to provide a high level of quality and service to our customers. Our philosophy is to “keep it simple” (KIS) and we find this works very well for us and our customers. An example of this philosophy is when designing our frames and trusses we keep in mind the trades on site by keeping our design as simple as possible for easy installation on site. We also supply easy to read laminated layouts (that don’t get wet) for use on site by the installer, now that’s “keeping it simple! “

Our staff are professional, they have a lot of experience and really know their stuff, most have been here for over 10 years, so maybe they love the place as well! I find with my knowledge gained as a builder and the expertise of my staff compliments each other creating a fantastic team that knows what the builders wants and needs are AND provides them.

MCM Frame & Truss is one of the leading Timber Frames & Trusses, and Pre-Assembled Wall Frame Manufacturers in Sydney.

MCM Frame & Truss had been providing timber roof trusses, wall frames, floor joists and stick timber to builders and owner builders in Sydney since 1995.

MCM enjoys a reputation in the industry for excellence, quality and service.

Our team is dedicated in providing a quality product and personal service to all our customers no matter what the size of the project.

Our trucks are fitted with a crane to deliver the trusses and frames to site and wherever possible, place them in a position to facilitate easier erection.

Our team of designers and fabricators can handle the more complex and unusual roofs, as well as, town house, the house home or extensions.

We have a great customer base of some of Australia’s best project builders in the market.
We can provide the option of having your job T2 Treated, which carries a 25-year guarantee against termites.

You will be pleased with our quick response to your quote request and we make every effort to meet your delivery dates, as we know how important this is when co-ordinating the job.

MCM Frame & Truss are Proud Carbon Warriors

By using timber, we are helping create a greener future.

Timber is a renewable building material. It is naturally grown and removes CO2 from the atmosphere. Wood products then store the carbon that the growing trees have removed from the air – about 50% of the dry weight of wood is carbon.

In fact, 1 cubic metre of wood contains roughly 0.9 tonnes of CO2! By using certified wood products, you can help store carbon for life and help tackle climate change.

So join us by choosing timber and become a Carbon Warrior!


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